07 January 2011

The world concept makes me very sad. Sure, it looks cool, but we'll probably never see it in real life.The Razer Switchblade is a concept Tablet which is part tablet, part Optimus Keyboard. Based on what game you are playing, the keyboard or excuse me, adaptive tactile keyboard changes to fit what keyset you need for said game. Kind of like a high tech, prettier Z-board; The difference here being that instead of having individual screens for each key, the bottom section is just 1 big LCD with keys on it.

No word on hardware other than it's powered by the Intel Atom processors (dual-core we hope), but if it is to deliver everything that it promises in the video, the rest of the hardware has to be some crazy stuff. No matter how silly this looks and how I think it's gonna need a few more keys that that for me to want to play WoW on it, I can't help want one. Oh wait. Concept. 

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